About Me

Photography is my passion and my pleasure.

I have worked in the industry for over 35 years whether it be behind the camera or promotions in QLD, NSW and now here in WA.

My experience

My photographic achievements include Creator of Wall Art 2004 and front covers of Healthy Homes, Australasian Ironman World magazine (the first Ironwomen event sponsored by Ella Bache of Karla Gilbert).  I have also had images published in Perth Woman and Mercedes Benz Perth magazines.

My mission

To encourage every family in Perth to have a professional family portrait once every five years outside of those must have pics from special occasions.

They say to never work with children or animals.  I say, “bring it on!”  I love capturing those candid moments when the dog is running off with the kids toys, Johnny is not sitting still or the whole family is laughing because the youngest has said something funny.  It is these moments that everyone one cherishes and the ones I challenge myself to capture.

I believe it is my friendly nature and infectious laugh that allows everyone to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed in their own environment.  Once everyone is relaxed and ready to go, magic happens and the perfect shots are taken.

My story

6 Words I Hope Nobody Else Ever Has to Hear, “Sorry your baby has no heartbeat”! After that devastating experience, we were blessed that our next child was a healthy beautiful baby boy… he is almost 21 now. My first loss made me realise how precious life is.

It is my absolute passion and pleasure to give the gift of photography – the gift that keeps on giving. Typically my clients are parents with a child who cannot sit still, so may be unlikely to enjoy the studio environment. I help by allowing the child to be comfortable, confident and relaxed in their own environment (backyard, beach, park) and I capture them doing what they love, in the comfort of their own skin.

I cannot wait to capture the beautiful moments by giving you the gift of photography to cherish forever.